In the midst of the Memorial Day weekend and between beers and outdoor parties, we are going to fire up the new studio in the basement and my son and I are gonna tape a MiniSode. I’ve started the day, making my bed (cause that’s what I do) and reflected a bit. What does it all mean? We ask ourselves this question from time to time throughout our lives. We usually come up with an answer to get us through the thought. Once we have it, we forget it until another moment presents itself to ask ourselves the same question.

I’m tired of asking this question and getting a different answer. I believe that in my life, for every moment is an opportunity for legacy. I make meaningful connections in my professional life and now, most importantly, in my personal and podcasting life. Every interaction, first impression, conversation, relationship and heartbreak leaves an imprint on the world. It leaves an imprint on us. It’s a power that we all have that most take for granted. Life is finite but memories and stories last a long time. That’s what my podcast has taught me. It’s what my grandmother taught. It’s what books and movies have taught me.

With all that power to leave a lasting imprint on the world, first make it positive. Make a commitment to yourself to make at least one. Give others the gift of remembering you. Taping a show every week is a great hobby (and becoming expensive too) and it is an investment. I’ve learned that there is a return for that investment until I stop investing. Putting a little bit of myself out there to see what happens. My biggest fear in death is that I will be forgotten. I want to be remembered. I want to leave a legacy behind for my wife and children and everyone I come in contact with. Even if it’s for a brief moment or during a one hour podcast.

I don’t really listen to the shows we put out there. I post the shows faster than I can take the time to hear what we recorded. It’s not just the audio, it’s the memory I get to keep. That’s what I hold on to and seek to create. This weekend we memorialize those that have died in battle, fighting to leave an imprint on the world through courage and bravery. I will never compete with that. I’m not built that way. But as long as I have breath in my lungs and the world around me, I’ll continue to build my legacy. I dare you to do the same.