I remember how I felt the moment I submitted my very first podcast on iTunes. I was so fearful that someone at work would listen to it (I’d should be so lucky) and say that I have violated some social media policy in the employee handbook. Ironically, I’m the guy who enforced the handbook. I steered clear of speaking of where I worked and rarely mentioned what I did for a living. A firm separation between church and state. Some podcasters podcast full-time, whether they are independently wealthy or they make a living off of diligent content creation and adding value to their customers. Me? I am a father and husband, with two great kids that dance and play sports, with a career I’ve gotten fairly good at. I’m busy. I must create balance to create. The balance is between my career and my life, that work/life balance thing people talk about. I put all of myself into my career AND everything I can into this show. However, I still keep them separate.

As you heard in the MiniSode, I recently decided that it was time for a change and the choice to create imbalance. I quit my current job to take on a better one, plain and simple. What was so hard is deciding to be uncomfortable when it would have been so easy to stay comfortable, to stay balanced. I also made the choice to talk about my job on the show, uniting church and state, so to speak. Another reason to feel uncomfortable.

I think I owe it to myself and all of you on the path to 200 to be uncomfortable, to be imbalanced. Without this, there is no growth, no evolution, no change. Being comfortable is being boring. This may sound like me giving advice to myself but I need to share a little bit more. I’ve always shared stories and experiences with others in the LIFE part when I make meaningful connections with others outside of work. I think there may be a story or two to tell from the time I spend away from my life, the WORK part. No one ever said juggling was easy. With more practice and patience, it gets easier and a lot more fun. And so will this.

Let me know what you think below and talk to you then…