So we actually taped this show back about a week and a half ago with Margo and Margo. As you may already know I rarely listen to my shows back before publishing because I’d rather remember the moment we spoke and how I felt rather than the words that were said. Kinda like how most real live conversations are remembered, right?

What I do remember is how I felt a little uncomfortable recording this. Weird that that happened. It wasn’t anyone’s intention┬áto make me feel that way. It was just that I had an expectation of how the show was going to go and it didn’t. You can’t always plan how conversations go. You just do your best to be in the moment and connect. That is what you hear on this show. My mindset changes on this show. ┬áNot in a “coming to Jesus” type of moment, by the way. It changed in a way that I now look at what Margo and Margo spoke of much differently. It’s not a gender thing. It’s an inclusive, equality, unified thing. That is why I’m envious that I missed the Women’s March on DC. I was someone who was not included in things because I was different, or just because I did not what to be the same as everyone else. It is beautiful to hear their story that day and I am so lucky to know them and have the opportunity to talk about it with them. Thanks for listening and talk to you next week on our next MiniSode. Much love and inclusion, all.