Since I met my wife nearly 20 years and she has witnessed me trying a number of creative outlets and hobbies. At one point I immersed myself in model painting. I even tried teaching myself to play piano, buying book after book. Then the next time it was starting a youth lacrosse program in our home town. For my entire life I’ve hyper focused on so many things and she’s been beside me every step of the way. I can’t speak for her but I do know that for most of my ventures she definitely rolled her eyes or dropped subtle hints that I was not being reasonable with my time. That time has become a hot commodity as we’ve grown in our careers and the kids have gotten older and more involved in activities.

My wife has participated in a bunch of podcasts with me and this month she joined me on another podcast with Jess Branas, host of the Drinks With Jess Podcast. You can find a link to her show on the “Are You Listening?” page of this site. I’ve been on a few shows so far but this was Megan’s first guest spot and she nailed it. I did not ask her if she was nervous about it and she would never tell me. I definitely would have been. Most of us look for ourselves in our lifemate, trying to find all the traits that we have. Birds of a feather flock together but truthfully, opposites attract. Megan has been by my side for so many successes and failures for the past 20 years. Anything she has said has always been honest (brutally sometimes) and sincere in helping me be my best. It is a gift I have been given and after almost two and half years of this podcast craziness, she still supports me and the show. It’s her never waivering confidence that I find most attractive.

I ask anyone who has taken the time to read this, to take a step back. Look closely to your partner and whether it makes sense to you or not, try to understand where their passions are. Personal fulfillment almost was lost before I started this podcast. I lost sight of my creative passion after having kids. Don’t let your partner lose sight of themselves and I ask you to do the same. We choose to live our life together, sometimes giving up too much of ourselves to live it. You will never be able to give your all to someone unless you give the most to yourself. Some say that is selfishness. I say its balance in this rocky world of us. Love you Meg. You are one hell of a podcaster.