It was a long time coming but I knew eventually we would have Larry Errera, the most passionate local fan of the podcast, on the show as a co-host. Let me take a moment to ensure Larry’s original podcast family on The Idiot’s Podcast that no papers have been signed to make him an ongoing co-host on the show. I understand that Larry took some friendly ball-busting from his crew this week. The reality is that I’ve always considered every connection on the show to be a co-host. Just like the show, I didn’t get this far in life alone. On my show, if I had a guest that would imply that it’s my job to host them, and that is way to much responsibility for me. I love sharing the opportunity of connecting with my co-hosts and that sharing usually goes both ways.

Making meaningful connections was my intention from the get go but at the start I never looked to connections happening outside of the show. Co-hosts are discovered through the growth of the show. As the show has grown, so has our listener base, which is extremely rewarding. The gift that growth gives me is connecting with fans that love the show and become huge advocates for it. Larry is one of those people.

Even though we live in the same town and Larry is familiar with friends I have, he likes the show for what it is. He doesn’t listen as a courtesy. When I launched the show that was never my expectation. I figured if I could listen years from now all this would be worth it. You can never choose who you impact when you put yourself out there. You always have to embrace it when it happens. I’ve learned to do that more and more and look at it more as a gift. I appreciate that very much.

Thanks for listening, Larry, and thanks again for the gift.