She would be the first one to tell me how silly I am saying this, but my latest co-host Annett Bone is one of my most favorite people on the planet. When I met her last year at the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Convention, she spoke for about ten minutes during the conference. I hope she won’t get offended if I say that I can’t remember what she spoke of in detail. Only that she was confident, passionate, enjoyed dancing, and put herself out there.

In Episode 53 Annett and I spoke of many ways we both look at feedback, criticism, and the self-doubt that plague us from time to time. Since meeting her last year, texting and messaging back and forth since then, I’ve gotten to know her. This is a way we get to know people in this day and age, right? Through every asset of social media we make connections, but they aren’t always as fulfilling as sharing a feeling or opinion with our voices.

Having Annett or any of my co-hosts on the show allows me to take that glue that we’ve started applying in these connections and add the hardener. You as Listeners don’t hear or see it after I hit stop on the recorder. You don’t see the change but I feel it. I experience the power of impulsive, unpredictable, and intimate conversation that is so invaluable for all of us. It’s the purest way to get to know others and yourself. I’m lucky I have the podcast to share those connections and to be honest, I do it more each and every day when I’m not on a microphone.

The best part of it all is so can you if you give it a shot. I guarantee as some of you read this, we will eventually cross paths on social media, someday in some way. Somehow we’ll get on a phone call, then you’ll be on my show, and we’ll begin our friendship. What I thought was hard to do at 40 years old isn’t as hard as I thought it was. It just takes a different way of thinking to get there. Join me in making connections, looking back while moving forward. Share your stories, learn about one another and join the club. Cheers.