About MiniSode 54 and 1/2

Spent a pretty awesome weekend with the wife and kids. I can honestly say it hasn’t been the first but it’s been a long time since I was 100% happy doing that. Now don’t misinterpret that. I love my family dearly. Being happy has much to do with being 100% in the moment. I mentioned in my latest MiniSode that when you are in a place where you can’t be 100% yourself at a job, it spills into all over pieces of your life, even a weekend with the family shopping for new sneakers.

I finished my second week of work this past Friday and already I have to pace myself. So much potential to stretch myself to bigger successes. Not having hit any major professional roadblocks so far, I’m fully engaged, fulfilled and happy. Where I worked before was absolutely isolation and disengagement. Ironically all I did was promote my show to pass the time and now I’m running late getting new blog posts up. I’ve been doing a job and so far doing it well. Things couldn’t be better. So my place of business has changed and my weekends with the family have not . Why am I happy then? I just don’t feel like I’m carrying anything on my back anymore. When I hear my wife tell me about her week, disenchantment from a fast approaching Monday morning is not distracting me anymore. It’s not pulling me away. It’s been a long time since that wasn’t happening.

So this weekend we went to a stage play that my niece who did an unbelievable job in, checked out a few car dealerships to upgrade the minivan, and had dinner at PF Changs. Even though the kitchen was way backed up, we just people watched and laughed with the kids. No cellphones, no work distractions, just being in the moment with my wife and kids.

If a job change is necessary to get you back to your “happy”, be brave and make a change. Happiness is worth it.